So now your website is live. You have done a Google PageSpeed test and the results are lower than you expected. Sound familiar? This guide will help you to increase the speed of your website and answer – How can I increase my Google Page Speed Score?

Caching plugins

Each time a user visits your website, the site fetches information from the database, runs a number of processes then sends the page to the user browser. Caching the pages enables steps to be skipped. The caching plugin makes a copy of the page after the first load and serves the cached version to every subsequent user. This process allows the website to load up faster.

WP Rocket is considered to be the best caching program on the market. It is beginner friendly. The one click installation automatically fetches all of your pages to build up a cache.

Remove unused plugins

Although it is tempting to install lot’s of plugins on a wordpress theme. The use of repeated plugins on your site will slow down the speed. Use plugins sparingly. Consider if you can create the feature on wordpress directly or if it is even necessary.

Optimise CSS & JS

CSS files describe how HTML files are displayed and JS files are used to execute JavaScript files on a webpage. Retrieving and processing both of these, takes valuable time and slows down the page speed. Using WP Rocket you can tailor the settings to speed up the process. We have listed a number of specific settings on WP Rocket which may increase the speed of your site. However note they may not be compatible with you theme, so test and back up your website before executing the following settings:

  1. Set minify HTML
  2. Combine Google Font Files
  3. Optimise CSS delivery
  4. Minify JavaScript files
  5. Combine JavaScript files (exclude your main theme files)
  6. Alternatively if your theme allows it you could select JavaScript Deferred

Reduce the Database

Cleaning up your database will increase the speed of the website. Reducing the size of the database will result in quicker and smaller back up files. The database can be reduced by manually deleting files or a cleanup on the WP Rocket plugin.

Compress images and videos

Images and videos are large files to load, therefore take up lots of memory and speed. Consider converting into formats JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP. Once images have been uploaded onto your site you can then use a image compressor plugin in which will further reduce the sizes of the images. Smush or Imagify plugins will reduce the image size and increase the speed of your website.

Final Thoughts on How can I increase my Google Page Speed Score?

These tips have increased our website speed from 30-40 to 80-95 on a desktop and 8-15 to 48-55 on a mobile. It is important to note that there is a balance between user experience and speed. If you remove all valuable content in order to reduce page speed, then the overall user experience will be impaired. Page speed is one of the many elements which Google use in their ranking algorithm. Therefore ensuring the page speed is fast increases SEO for your website.