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PPC Management Designed for 2019

Bee Found is a PPC agency in Manchester, offering a fully integrated PPC strategy. We have a tried and tested 6 step process for managing PPC. PPC will work on a local and national scale, allowing instant expansion of your business. With PPC Ads you only pay when you get results, for example when a customer visits your site or calls your business.

PPC is the quickest and most controllable way to place your business directly in front of customers. When customers are searching on engines such as Google and Bing your business appears. Search engines are where people search for where to go, what to do and what to buy. There are over 2 trillion searches per year. Using Google Ads and Microsoft Adverts your business can appear when someone is searching.

Our PPC Management Process

Market Research

We take time to understand your market, your competition and your business, we listen to your goals. Through the PPC audit, we identify your strengths and USP’s.

Target Demographics

Its important to identify your ideal customer. In order to ensure you target users who are more likely to convert, resulting in higher ROI.

Keyword Research

We will identify search volumes for related phrases. Using this research we will develop a keyword plan based on the audience you are trying to attract.

Ads & Landing Pages

We will create well written ads, with strong USP’s and call to action. It is fundamental that landing pages reflect the copy on your adverts. In order to increase conversion rates and improve quality score. Therefore we will undertake landing page audits and update or create compliant pages for your Ads.

Campaign Build

The next step is to build your campaign. Combining your Ad copy, audience and budget into a successful ROI based PPC strategy. We will also set up goal conversion and call tracking and recording. PPC is most effective when considered within an overall marketing strategy. Therefore we will build it alongside the SEO and combined marketing plan.

Strategic Review

We will continually optimise performance based on conversion data. Your account manager will hold monthly meetings to discus performance. Over time as we gather more data, it will become apparent as to which variables are working and which ones are not. Therefore we will continuously adjust the strategy.

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Grow your business with PPC

Improve your PPC Performance

The key to a successful PPC campaign is research. After examining your market, we will help you to identify your strengths and USP’s. Enabling you to develop clear KPI’s such a driving traffic to your website, increasing calls or sales. We will then explore your target demographic, through reviewing the customer buying process for your products.

At Bee Found, we provide you with a dedicated account director who will be responsible for overall performance. They will work with you to develop a bespoke strategy to achieve your business goals. We offer transparent clear reporting, which will enable you to work out your return on investment. Many of our clients generate leads over the phone. Therefore we set up call tracking and recording so that you are able to listen to the calls generated from your PPC.

Bee Found PPC Agency in Manchester

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Increase the number of leads generated through your PPC, with Bee Found PPC agency in Manchester. Contact us for a personalised free PPC audit, outlining our recommendations. Our audit will review your campaign structure, keywords, match types, ad copy, landing pages and bidding strategy. We don’t tie you into a contract – you have nothing to lose.

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PPC Strategy & Approach

We work with you to decide which platforms and channels will compliment your marketing strategy. Our multi channel approach will ensure we generate the best return on investment.

Google Ads

PPC adverts for the largest online search agency - Google. Adverts appear in the top section of the Google search results, meaning your business is the first to be seen.

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Adverts can connect you with customers searching on Bing, MSN, Yahoo and AOL. Although Google is the main search engine in the UK there are a large number of often 'higher value' desktop users searching on the Microsoft network.

Google Shopping

Google shopping shows your products in the sponsered section at the top of search results. Unlike GDN and Google search ads Google determines when you ad shows up. This is based on your feed, your site, and your bids.

GDN Google Display Network

Google display network ads appear on a network of Google websites across the web. Which includes over 2 million sites, to 90% of people using the internet.


Remarketing is the technique of targeting customers on a network of sites, with your brand, once they have visited your site. The focus is on strategically targeting your advert infront of customers as they browse Google or partner websites.

Multi-Channel Approach

Our multi-channel approach looks at your maketing strategy as a whole.Through undertaking digital audits, detailed conversions we develop clear straegies for you business. You cannot to wait for customers to find you, in the digital age you need to reach out and find them.

Conversion Tracking

We offer session based conversion tracking and call recording on all PPC products. Through reviewing the results on a detailed level and providing feedback on conversions, we can improve campaign optinisation and increase ROI.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising focuses on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instragram and Pinterest. Running paid campaigns on these platforms, enables you to focus adverts to your customers on a granular level. Increasing ROI.

PPC Marketing Agency in Manchester

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