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SEO Should be Simple

SEO Manchester is a service provided by BeeFound. We are an agency based in Manchester, which provides SEO services to our clients across the North West.  SEO is often misunderstood and over complicated. Resulting in it being described as a black art. However when performed correctly SEO can provide significant measurable results.

How many agencies contact you, claiming to do SEO but don’t appear themselves on search engines? Or don’t ask for your website access? This is why in order to prove our SEO ability we aim to come under the phrase SEO Manchester on Google. At BeeFound we attempt to make SEO easy to understand. The more you know about SEO the more you can contribute to its success. There are three fundamental parts that make up good SEO. These are the technical website structure, content and authority.

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How does SEO work?

Improve your SEO Ranking

Lets start with the technical website structure. SEO agencies often over look this. Until your website is built correctly, SEO techniques will not be effective. In order to assess your website we will conduct an SEO audit. We will then recommend changes, the most effective way to do this is by allowing us access to your CMS.

Part of the technical aspect involves making sure your website is structured in a search engine friendly. Including meta titles, descriptions, title tags, url structure, broken links, pages speed, mobile friendly to name a few. These may sound complicated but are normally fairly easy to fix.

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SEO Manchester

Choosing key words

Once your website is technically sound, we need to examine the phrases you want to come under. It is important to spend time researching the most appropriate phrases to target for your business. We start with the Google key word planner and any data for PPC campaigns.  It is also important to consider your own customers buying cycle. Are you looking for traffic from clients that are ready to buy? Or are you looking for traffic from people who are at the research phase and you want to guide them through the process? We need to consider these questions, when thinking about your key phrase selection.

Back to our example. We have identified that our clients search for SEO Manchester in order to find us. We have therefore built this page with our key phrase in mind.

Why do we care about SEO Manchester?

SEO Explained

SEO is about placing your website at the top of search engines such as Google. Search engines do not give instructions of how to do this. Instead they crawl the web and index pages. Search engines then rank the pages based on algorithms, to show the most relevant pages for users at the top of the results. The indexing is based on over 200 ranking factors, which are constantly tweaked.

SEO is used to send the right signals to the search engines, to ensure your website ranks highly. Onsite SEO (which is visible on your website) and off site SEO is used.

Let’s take an example. At BeeFound we offer SEO services to clients in Manchester. Therefore in order to reach the most relevant audience we need to be found when users search for SEO Manchester. In order to do this we have reviewed the competition, built our website with SEO in mind, developed a relevant page. Appearing under a search term is not about stuffing a page full of key words. It is about relevance. Search engines want to place the most relevent page for the user at the top of search engines.

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Let's get back to basics

SEO Friendly Website Design

The next step involves creating a landing page targeted to each phrase. When writing content online its important to make sure the content is structured in a search engine friendly way and that its relevant to your user. Once you have target pages for each phrase the final step is to increase your domain authority. Increasing your website authority, will help your website pages appear higher in search engine results. The main way to increase your websites authority is through a process called blogger engagement.

Blogger engagement involves publishing well written articles on blogs that have high authority. The articles need to be well written and have to follow the rules set out by the blog. You are then able to put a link on the blog back to your own website.

As you build these links from websites that have a stronger authority than your own, search engines will start to see your website as more credible. Therefore your website will hold more authority within the algorithm placing. It is also important to make sure your citation links are consistent. Citation links are links on referral websites such as online directories. It is important to make sure your NAT ID – Name Address and telephone number appear consistently.

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BeeFound SEO Strategy

Market Research

We take time to research your marketplace paying attention to competition and search trends. 70% of users only click on organic results. Therefore being on top of the search engine for your key words is the key to success.

Keyword Research

We will conduct an SEO audit on your website. We will then work to restructure your website or build an SEO friendly site. Using strong landing pages for each focus phrase. We will ensure content is relevant and the user experience is strong.

SEO Phrases

After understanding your business, we review and will identify search volumes for related phrases, which are relevant to you. Using this research we will develop a keyword plan based on the audience you are trying to attract.

Technical Optimisation

We complete a full technical audit of your website and make any necessary amendments. We know how to build websites, therefore we know how to use programming for SEO.

Blog Creation & Engagement

Relevant backlinks are the key to SEO success. We create interesting, well written, blog articles and post them on relevant blog sites which have greater authority than your own. Over time this process improves the authority of your own website.

Citation Links

We make sure you have a correct citation listing on all relevant sites and amend any inconsistences. It is important you have consistence NAT ID Name address and telephone numbers.

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Why Choose BeeFound?

Our approach to SEO Manchester

Increase the amount of organic traffic to your website. We cannot make any huge promises and, agencies which do, don’t often follow through. But we can measure the performance. We will send weekly reports. Detailing what we have done and the progress we have made. The journey to the top of Google is not easy. We are happy to share with you all of our techniques. We offer a transparent service. And it is up to you if you use us, another agency or try it yourself.

We don’t tie you into a contract – you have nothing to lose.

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The SEO Manchester Experiment

Can we achieve a top ranking ...

We have put into place all of our techniques on this page, to come under SEO Manchester. So lets see if it works….

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SEO Platforms

We work with you to decide which platforms and channels will compliment your marketing strategy. Our multi channel approach will ensure we generate the best return on investment.

Local, Regional & National Coverage

Its important to consider if your strategic goal is to generate traffic from one geographical area or multiple geogrphical locations. Your website page structure and content will need to be taylored to your approach so this needs to be considered early on in the process.

Voice Search Optimisation

More than half of all search will be voice by 2020. Therefore it's important that your website content is optimised for voice search. People use different search queries through voice rather than typing, with many asking question related queries. Taking this into consideration we will restructure your content so that it capitalises on the growth of voice search.

eCommerce SEO

Ecommerce webistes normally have a signifcent amount of product pages, making it difficult to optimise every indiviual product. Its important to reasrch what people are searchign for and to create strong category pages that a target phrases that are searched for.


Over 50% of searches are now performed on a mobile. Therefore it is improtant you website is optimised for mobile indexing. User experiance, responsive design, website load speed, size and searver locaiton are all key.

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