Will SEO ever die? – The short answer is no, as things stand SEO is here to stay.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a complicated but well-resourced topic. However, It is often a difficult concept for people to grasp when it comes to digital marketing. Strangely enough, SEO is often treated as a separate marketing method and necessarily considered by web designers. SEO should be considered as part of an overall digital marketing strategy and reflected in the web design and content creation stages, social media management and as an ongoing discipline. SEO can be self-taught, and there are certain aspects which can be implemented relatively quickly. However, if you don’t want to undertake SEO yourself or have had a poor experience in the past. You should still maintain SEO as part of an ongoing marketing strategy.

Google search of SEO is and Google suggestions

Here are five reasons why you should use SEO within your marketing strategy and confirmation that SEO will not die….

1. Search traffic
2. High conversion rate
3. Your competitors are using SEO
4. Long term cost benefits
5. Google

Search Traffic

There are 2 trillion searches on Google per year. 93% of all online experiences start will a search engine enquiry. Unless people stop using search engines, SEO will not die.

High Conversion Rate

SEO has a higher conversion rate than PPC (Pay-per-click adverts). Research shows that people are 8.5x more likely to click on organic results compared to PPC listings.

Your competitors are using SEO

Whether you like SEO or not, your competitors are using SEO and will appear on the search results. If you are not using SEO, you will be losing out on potential customers to your competitors.

Long term cost benefits

SEO is cheaper in the long term than PPC, Facebook or Linked in Ads. There is an initial investment with SEO. However, the long term running costs are lower, and there is a continued benefit even after your investment has stopped. There is also research that SEO has a higher conversion rate and ROI than other online advertising methods.


Google and other search engines display a selection of paid and organic listings on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page). It is unlikely that competition laws will allow Google to sell all SERP’s. Therefore with the continued search use and the existence of organic listings – it is doubtful SEO will ever die.

How to get started with SEO..

To move forward, you should learn the basics of SEO. Following that either invest the time in an SEO strategy. Or use an SEO agency to help develop and implement a marketing plan to allow your business to BeeFound online.